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Hi-gee Rotating Zigzag Bed
Horizontal Scraper Discharge Centrifuge
Rotary Vacuum Disk Filter
Tilting-pan Rotary Filter
Single Disk Vacuum Filter
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Hi-gee Rotating Zigzag Bed (RZB)

    BZ Series Hi-gee Rotating Zigzag Bed (RZB) is a kind of new-type high-efficiency rectification equipment, which was invented by Institute of Separation Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology, and manufactured by Hangzhou Ke-li Chemical Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. It’s the first time that Hi-gee technology was applied to the process of continuous rectification during the industrial production.……

Horizontal Scraper Discharge Centrifuge

     Horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge is a horizontal, scraper discharging filtering centrifuges. The centrifuge can cycle automatically to periodically operation at full speed of rotating. The process of washing net, feeding, separation, washing and dewatering, unloading can be operated in each cycle. The duration of each process can be adjusted. This machine is suitable for medium and small size solid particle of suspension (0.01-5mm). ……

Tilting-Pan Rotary Filter

    This model is an efficient vacuum filter unit that can be running continually. There are certain independent fan-shaped filtration plates placed on the ring-like inside and outside frame which was laid horizontally. The filter board, filter mesh, and filter cloth are on top of the plates’s filter chamber. The filter chamber has the discharge pipe inside, which can be connected with the distribution head located in the center of the internal frame. ……

Rotary Vacuum Disk Filter

    Rotary vacuum disk filter is a kind of high-efficient filter that can run continually. There are certain fan-shaped filter chambers which are installed on the top of the horizontal main rotary disk. The filter board, filter mesh, and filter cloth are on top of the filter chambers. The filter chamber has the discharge pipe underneath, which can be connected with the distribution head located in the center of the rotary disk. ……

Single Disk Vacuum Filter

    As a simplified model of tilting-pan rotary filter, single disk vacuum filter is composed of motor and speed reducer, and operated by a control system. It can complete feeding, filtering, drying and discharging procedures continuously, and it also can be used to clean filter cakes with a switch system. The unit runs by intermittent operation, and if continuous production needed, several filters that are controlled by an automatic control cabinet can be used together to meet the needs. ……


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