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Hi-gee Rotating Zigzag Bed
Horizontal Scraper Discharge Centrifuge
Rotary Vacuum Disk Filter
Tilting-pan Rotary Filter
Single Disk Vacuum Filter
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No.9 Jiuhuan Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.China

Factory Add: Tianzihu Modern Industrial Park,Anji, Zhejiang
(86) 0572-5682610
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Fax: (86) 0572-5682607
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P.C: 310019
E-mail: hzfilter@126.com


 About us

     Hangzhou Huadong Chemical Equipment Industrial Co., Ltd. was formed by Hangzhou Technical Development Center of Filter Equipment and Hangzhou Ke-Li Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Established in 1989, Hangzhou Technical Development Center of Filter Equipment is one of the six chemical unit centers for equipment development which belonged to the China Chemical Equipment General Company. The Center specializes in filter’s research, development, design, technology consultation and etc. A group of chemical equipment specialists and professionals have cooperated with company for a long time and they still dedicate their knowledge for national new study programs in this industry. With their efforts, the center successfully developed tilting-pan rotary filter, rotary vacuum disk filter and second generation horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge and etc. Those products are all up to national standard and build an industry bench.
    Established in 1998, Hangzhou Ke-Li Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. was originally Hangzhou Chemical Machinery Co. The company focuses on technical development. Cooperating with different universities, including Zhejiang University of Technology and Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the company developed BZ series Hi-gee Rotating Zigzag Bed and LJ series Screw Extruder and other equipments. Specially, BZ series Hi-gee Rotating Zigzag Bed won the national innovation funding and honorably received the first prize of advance in technology awarded by the Chinese Petroleum and Chemical Association.
    We believe in Quality first, Customer paramount, and devote in making high quality products, providing excellent service, and advocating sincere management and wins customers’ consistent high praise.
    Proved by United States ORI Corporation, the company certificated by the ISO9001:2000 quality system, and honorably received the AAA Grade Company Certificate issued by Hangzhou municipal government. Meanwhile, the company was entitled outstanding innovation enterprise in Zhejiang Province.
    Hangzhou Huadong Chemical Equipment Industrial Co., Ltd. will insist in creating value for customer, economizing resources for community, protecting environment for society" in the future Last but not least, we will also continuously reinforce the technology process of producing energy-saving, emission-reducing products, According to this, we hope that we can make a contribution to protecting the environment and livelihood of the people that we people can live in a healthy world.

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