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Horizontal Scraper Discharge Centrifuge

    Introduction:Horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge is a horizontal, scraper discharging filtering centrifuges. The centrifuge can cycle automatically to periodically operation at full speed of rotating. The process of washing net, feeding, separation, washing and dewatering, unloading can be operated in each cycle. The duration of each process can be adjusted. This machine is suitable for medium and small size solid particle of suspension (0.01-5mm).
    This centrifuge can be operated automatically by computer program and also can be operated semi-automatically by manual control. This equipment is widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, starch industry, food industry etc.

    Application:This equipment is used in chemical industry, and it can be used to filter separate in the production of ammonium sulfate, sodium sulfate, nickel salt, green copperas, ammonium Chloride, polyethylene, polystyrene, PVC, urea, caustic soda, salt, boric acid, sodium chloride, santobrite, sodium carbonate, bleaching powder, etc.
    The centrifuge’s D-type is a modified version of basic centrifuge. The equipment optimized exclusively for the separation of starch, such as corn starch, tapioca starch, sweet potato starch, potato starch, banana taro starch, wheat starch etc.
    Main Material: All parts of equipment contacting with materials are made of stainless steel. According to different requirements of filter material, they can be made of SS304 SS321, SS316, SS316L, etc, and this equipment has high resistance to corrosion. Other parts are made of carbon steel,steel castings, iron castings etc.
    Technical Parameter:
Items GK1250-NB、GK1250-NB-D GK800-NB、GK800-NB-D WG800、WG800D

Drum diameter

1250mm 800mm 800mm

Drum height

500mm 400mm 400mm

Maximum speed

1200rpm 1445rpm 1420rpm
Separation coefficient 1000 930 900
Capacity 230L 95L 95L

Maximum load

350kg 120kg 120kg

Main motor type

Y250M-4 Y200L-4 Y200L-4

Main motor power

or 45kW adding frequency converter (price extra)
30KW 30KW

Main motor Speed

1480rpm 1480rpm 1480rpm

Oil pump motor type

1HP-4P 1HP-4P Y90S-4/B5

Oil pump motor power

0.75 KW 0.75 KW 1.1KW
Oil pump motor Speed 1400rpm 1400rpm 1400rpm

Oil pump type


Oil pump flow rate

8L/min 8L/min 20 L/min

Maximum pressure

3MPa 3MPa 2.5MPa

When working in the automatic operation the duration of the range


outside measurement(length*width*height)

2339×1880×1890mm 2053×1955×1344mm 2200×1620×1800mm
Total weight ~6890kg ~3700 kg ~4000 kg

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